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Vintage Uzbek Tartari Kilim Khorjin Saddlebag

Vintage Uzbek Tartari Kilim Khorjin Saddlebag


Dimensions: 2.03 x 4.09

The Uzbek Tartari Kilim Khorjin is a stunning textile artwork with a captivating geometric design and a rich color palette of maroon red, blue, yellow, ivory, and brown tones. Originating from northern Afghanistan among Uzbek tribes, this Khorjin carries cultural significance as a traditional storage bag used by nomadic communities.

Despite its age, the Khorjin is well-preserved, with minor mothholes that only enhance its authenticity. Beyond its practical use, it serves as a decorative piece with vibrant colors and intricate patterns, perfect for wall decoration.

Ideal for those interested in creativity and interior design, this Khorjin adds cultural flair to any space, sparking conversation and admiration as a noteworthy addition to any collection.


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