Rug Restoration and Repairs

At Ariana Rugs, we take immense pride in our rug restoration service, specializing in antique rug restoration, Oriental rug repair, Persian rug restoration, and more. Our roots in the world of rugs run deep, with Ariana Rugs being a third-generation company.

Our journey began in Afghanistan, where the Ahmadi family was deeply involved in the manufacturing, repair, and export of rugs. Our founders grew up surrounded by the rich craftsmanship of rugs, a heritage that has been a guiding light in our work.

Due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the family was forced to migrate to Europe. In Hamburg, Germany, a global hub for rugs, they gained exposure to diverse rug weaving techniques from around the world. This experience proved invaluable, allowing the brothers to quickly adapt and learn the art of rug repair in various styles.

Upon their immigration to the United States in 1986, they embarked on their journey as expert rug repairers. With this rich and diverse experience, Ariana Rugs stands uniquely positioned to repair and restore your cherished rugs.

Our rug restoration process is meticulous. We begin by assessing the need for washing and then examine the damage. Based on the extent of damage, we carefully determine the most appropriate method for repair. Whether it's repairing the foundation and hand-knotting wools for holes, reinforcing the foundation, warp, and weft for tears, or addressing moth damage by removing eaten knots and adding new ones to the foundation, our skilled artisans apply their expertise with precision and care.

Trust Ariana Rugs to breathe new life into your treasured rugs, ensuring they continue to grace your space with beauty and history.

Commonly Asked Questions

How much does it cost to repair a damaged rug?

Depending on how extensive the damage is on the rug, the pricing may vary.

What can you repair?

We can repair any type of hand knotted and hand woven rugs and kilim.

How to find moth damage in a wool rug?

Moths feed on the surface of the rug. This feeding can result in irregular holes or worn areas in the rug.