Collection: Vintage American Hooked and European Tetex Rugs

The collection features a captivating assortment of rugs, including American hooked rugs, vintage European Tetex rugs, and oriental hooked and tufted rugs. Each rug tells its own story, showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship of different regions and eras. From the charming designs of American hooked rugs to the timeless elegance of European Tetex rugs and the intricate patterns of oriental hooked and tufted rugs, this collection offers a diverse array of options to adorn your space with beauty and character. 

The main focus of the collection lies in the captivating American hooked rugs, along with the exceptional German and Austrian Tetex rugs. The Ahmadi brothers have made it their mission to source the finest examples of these rug styles, recognizing their unique artistic qualities and historical significance. American hooked rugs bring a distinct charm with their handcrafted designs and art deco patterns, while German and Austrian Tetex rugs showcase exceptional craftsmanship and renowned Persian and Oriental traditions. Embrace the allure of vintage and antique rugs, allowing their rich heritage and enduring quality to create a distinctive and captivating atmosphere in your home.