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6'x7' Antique Japanese Wall Hanging Textile

6'x7' Antique Japanese Wall Hanging Textile


6.10 x 5.08 Antique Japanese Textile

19th century Japanese large silk embroidery, decorated with crane motif. In the realm where the sun rises, the Japanese crane embodies notions of peace, good fortune, and enduring life. This revered creature is additionally linked to qualities of faithfulness and sagacity.

In ancient Japanese culture, the color purple held significant meaning, representing a sense of nobility, wealth, and spirituality. Known as "murasaki" in Japanese, purple dye was historically derived from the Murasaki plant, and its extraction was a complex process, making it a symbol of luxury and sophistication. This regal hue was often associated with imperial authority and the aristocracy, reflecting its esteemed status in traditional Japanese society. Beyond its material connotations, purple also carried a spiritual essence, symbolizing the connection between earthly realms and the divine. The use of purple in ceremonial garments, religious artifacts, and imperial regalia underscored its profound cultural significance, making it a color laden with both material and spiritual richness in ancient Japan.


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