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8'x15' Vintage Uzbek Khojent Province Embroidery Tapestry

8'x15' Vintage Uzbek Khojent Province Embroidery Tapestry


Dimension: 8.00 x 14.8

Suzani from Khojent, a city in Northern Tajikistan, closely resemble Tashkent embroidery with their strict rows of rosettes-circles in wide leafy frames. However, distinctive features include a central rosette-star, large floral palmettes, and a diverse array of floral forms. The suzani's unique color palette combines calm burgundy-purple rosettes with black-dark blue palmettes.

These suzani, rich in vegetal ornaments, symbolize the abundance of life and nature's splendor, reflecting the folk concept of the Garden of Eden. Traditionally, wedding suzani were believed to protect the bride and groom from evil and bring good luck. Floral patterns carried symbolic meanings of fertility and magical protection, while the white background signified protection and future well-being.

Craftswomen often included intentional "mistakes," such as misshapen contours or blank spaces, to ward off the evil eye. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, suzani were essential in weddings, holidays, and home decoration, integral to any woman's life.


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