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8'x11' Large Vintage Uzbek Embroidered Suzani Textile

8'x11' Large Vintage Uzbek Embroidered Suzani Textile


Dimension: 7.07 x 10.08

Step into a realm of mesmerizing beauty with our majestic Uzbek dawry suzani—a hand-embroidered masterpiece that brings the enchantment of distant lands to your home. Crafted on a backdrop of pure white cotton, this suzani boasts an intricate tapestry of vibrant red and orange hues, forming a bold medallion that exudes cultural richness and heritage.

Set against a backdrop of deep black, reminiscent of clouds, this suzani radiates mystique and allure. But it's not just a decorative piece—it's a versatile addition to any space. Whether hung on a wall to command attention, draped over a bed for a touch of luxury, or spread across a table to elevate any meal, our suzani transforms your space into a haven of elegance and sophistication.

Experience the magic of the Uzbek dawry suzani—where artistry meets cultural significance, and practicality meets beauty. Embrace its allure and let it captivate and inspire all who encounter it.


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