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Ariana Rugs

8'x10' Ariana Moroccan Style Multi Color Barchi Diamond Design Rug

8'x10' Ariana Moroccan Style Multi Color Barchi Diamond Design Rug


Dimension: 10.02 x 8.00 

Collection Name: Ariana Barchi

Construction: Hand Knotted

Material: Fine Hand Span Wool from Central Afghanistan

A diamond design rug is a stylish and adaptable option for home decor, offering various advantages. Its timeless elegance adds a sophisticated touch that withstands changing trends. The versatile diamond pattern seamlessly fits into diverse interior styles, from traditional to modern. The geometric nature of the design introduces visual interest and depth, creating a dynamic atmosphere. Additionally, the rug can cleverly create an illusion of more space and hide stains effectively. With its potential to serve as a focal point, contribute to symmetry, and aid in transitioning between spaces, a diamond design rug proves to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. When choosing one, consider factors like color coordination, size, and overall design to ensure it complements your existing decor.


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