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7'x9' Vintage Uzbek Suzani Textile Tapestry

7'x9' Vintage Uzbek Suzani Textile Tapestry


Dimension: 7.00 x 9.03

The design of the Khodjand suzani is a blend of East Turkestan (now Xinjiang, China) and Tashkent influences. From a distance, the suzani's pattern resembles that of the renowned Khotan pomegranate carpet. However, the small circles likely draw inspiration from the moon motifs found in Tashkent's palak suzani.

Bukharan embroidery stands out as one of the most stunning types of Uzbek suzanis. Its typical designs feature flowers on slender branches evenly spread across the fabric or round rosettes with long stems. Various shades of blue, light yellow, green, and a striking red as the dominant color are commonly used.

The central rectangular field is adorned with a bold medallion, repeated in each of the four corners. Two narrow border bands—an inner one framing the central medallion and an outer one enclosing the entire suzani—display a meandering pattern, possibly inspired by Chinese art. Additionally, the vibrant circular motifs are characteristic of Lakai embroideries.


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