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Ariana Rugs

7'x10' Moroccan Style Contemporary Wool Ariana Barchi Rug

7'x10' Moroccan Style Contemporary Wool Ariana Barchi Rug


Dimension: 9.08 x 6.09 

Collection Name: Ariana Barchi

Construction: Hand Knotted

Material: Fine Hand Span Wool from Central Afghanistan

Diagonally striped rug patterns bring dynamic visual interest to home decor, offering several advantages. They introduce movement and energy to a space, create the illusion of more room, and are versatile enough to complement various design styles. Diagonal stripes can play with the scale of a room, accentuate architectural features, and strategically hide imperfections. The choice of colors in the stripes can significantly impact the overall aesthetic, allowing for bold statements or a calming effect. Additionally, diagonal stripes can be mixed and matched with other patterns and textures to express individual personality and style. Their adaptability makes them suitable for various rooms, and when used with balance, a diagonally striped rug enhances the overall atmosphere of a space.


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