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Ariana Rugs

2'x2' Antique Uzbek Laqai Textile

2'x2' Antique Uzbek Laqai Textile


Dimension: 1.08 x 1.08

This 19th-century museum-quality tablecloth, also serving as a decorative hanging, was originally crafted for use in wedding ceremonies, where it would hold jewels and dowry gifts. Meticulously hand-stitched with silk and cotton, this labor-intensive creation has been impeccably maintained, retaining a new-like appearance despite being over a century old. Rich in colors and symbolism, the tapestry aims to convey joy, happiness, love, prosperity, spirituality, good luck, and positive energy to its recipient. The quality and intricate details of this piece suggest its likely association with the royal family. The reverse side is made from 18th-century Russian cotton, a popular choice in Turkmenistan during that era. This masterpiece, created with fine stitches and vibrant dyes, represents the epitome of textile art, specifically the intricate hand-needlework known as "suzani." It stands as a testament to craftsmanship and deserves a place in a textile museum, showcasing the pride of this meticulous and masterful creation.


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