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2'6"x2'6" Antique Uzbek Hand Embroidered Suzani Laqai Textile

2'6"x2'6" Antique Uzbek Hand Embroidered Suzani Laqai Textile


Dimension: 2.06 x 2.06

Vintage Uzbek Suzani embroidery, hailing from Central Asia, particularly Uzbekistan, exemplifies an authentic and hand-embroidered decorative needlepoint. This textile boasts a captivating black background complemented by a distinctive lining on the reverse side. The versatility of these Suzani textiles shines through as they can serve as excellent table covers, bedspreads, sofa throws, or wall hangings, depending on their size. Beyond their functional use, these vintage pieces infuse interior spaces with a delightful burst of color. Rooted in Farsi, Suzani translates to needlepoint, and the background fabric of these textiles typically consists of cotton, velvet, silk, or satin, adorned with skillfully executed silk embroidery. Embracing the passage of time, it's worth noting that minor tears or marks may be present in these vintage pieces, adding character to these age-worn treasures.


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