Collection: Antique and Semi Antique Persian, Indian And European Rugs

Step into a world of timeless beauty and unmatched elegance at our antique rug collection page. Rooted in a centuries-old tradition of oriental rugs, our journey began after the tumultuous events of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, when the Ahmadi brothers embarked on a mission to preserve their family legacy. From skilled rug repairers in Germany during the early 1980s, they transformed into passionate collectors and traders of antique rugs upon migrating to the United States. Today, our captivating collection boasts a wide array of treasures, ranging from early 16th-century Safavid fragments to opulent pieces from the early 20th century. Renowned interior designers have recognized their expertise, leading to remarkable collaborations that infuse majestic spaces with the timeless allure of these magnificent rugs. Each rug we offer narrates a unique story, intricately woven with threads of history and craftsmanship. Beyond mere decorative pieces, our antique rugs are cherished heirlooms that offer glimpses into the rich cultural tapestry of the past. Whether you're a dedicated collector, discerning designer, or an admirer of artistry, we welcome you to explore our thoughtfully curated selection and immerse yourself in the captivating allure of oriental rugs from diverse eras and regions.