Collection: Tribal Rugs and Kilims

Welcome to our Tribal collection, where we celebrate the rich heritage of the world and specially of Afghanistan through unique and captivating rugs, kilims, and woven artifacts. From a young age, the Ahmadi family embarked on adventurous journeys, exploring the diverse corners of their beloved fatherland. The vibrant villages they encountered, adorned with exquisite color combinations, left a lasting impression. These early explorations kindled a keen understanding and deep knowledge of tribal craftsmanship, enabling them to curate a vast and extraordinary collection of tribal rugs and woven treasures. Each piece we offer bears the soulful essence of Nomad culture and tradition, a testament to the remarkable journey that has shaped our collection. Step into a world of authentic tribal artistry, where the stories of nomadic tribes and their ancestral roots are woven into every thread. Discover the beauty and authenticity of our handpicked selection, as we invite you to experience the spirit of nomads through these timeless creations.