Collection: Ariana Silk and Wool Luxury Rugs

The Ariana Luxury Rug Collection embodies exquisite craftsmanship, boasting a high knot count and utilizing premium hand-spun wool sourced from the central Baba mountains in the Hazra Region of Afghanistan. These exceptional rugs feature a majority adorned with delicate highlights of hand-spun silk, adding an extra dimension to the collection. Meticulously curated from 16th to 19th-century masterpieces, the designs have been carefully chosen. The color palettes employed in this collection are soft, pale, and serene, perfectly complementing contemporary interior color schemes. Notably, Ariana Rugs received a prestigious Design Award for this remarkable collection. Customization options for colors, dimensions and designs are available, although it's important to note that the creation of some of these rugs required over three years of dedicated craftsmanship.