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1'x2' Vintage Hand Knotted Yumud Jawal Storage Bag

1'x2' Vintage Hand Knotted Yumud Jawal Storage Bag


Dimension: 1.01 x 2.02

This Antique Turkmen Torba, crafted by the skilled Yomut Tribes of Turkmenistan's Trans-Caspian Steppes around 1900, showcases remarkable Central Asian craftsmanship. Its rare field design features symbolic guls in vibrant shades of madder-red, natural ivory, and indigo sky-blue, reflecting the cultural heritage of the Yomut Turkmen people.

Despite its age, the torba remains in pristine condition, testament to the care it received over the years. Its plain-weave back contrasts elegantly with the intricate front design, while remnants of hanging cords and tassels hint at its original purpose.

This torba is more than a decorative piece; it's a tangible link to Turkmenistan's cultural legacy, offering insight into the artistic sensibilities and craftsmanship of its creators, the Yomut Tribes.


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